Here you find answers to frequently asked questions. Often this is a convenient way to find answers to your questions. Should your question not be answered, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  1.0 What happened to the old Safe-Mail Environment?

  1.1 Were you hacked?

  1.2 I know my old username. Can i use it again?

  1.3 I lost my password of the old system, can i get it back?

  1.4 I had a premium account on the old system. Can i get it back?

  10.0 How can i setup my Safe-Mail account as an ActiveSync account

  2.0 What do I get with a free account?

  2.1 What is the difference between a paid and a premium account?

  2.2 How can I pay for my paid or premium account?

  2.3 Can I access my mail through POP3/IMAP?

  3.0 Can I encrypt my mails?

  3.1 Which certificate do I need to encrypt my messages?

  3.2 Which browser do you recommend?

  3.3 Where can I obtain a free email certificate?

  3.4 Are my encrypted messages also encrypted on the server?

  3.5 I got a p12 file from my recipient. How to convert it to a PEM file so I can import it?

  3.6 How to install a free COMODO certificate on Safe-Mail?

  3.7 My account is nagging that my certificate isn't right

  4.0 Is my IP logged in the headers of my emails?

  4.1 What do you log?

  5.0 Is it possible to do spam runs on Safe-Mail.nl?

  5.1 I receive too much spam in my mailbox. What to do?

  5.2 I get bounce mails that i have not sent. Are you locking me now?

  6.0 Sign-up process

  6.1 Payment methods

  7.0 How can i contact you?

  8.0 Why use Safe-Mail?

  9.0 How to use the Safe-Mail XMPP server?