*New grade A+ is introduced for servers with exceptional configurations. At the moment, this grade is awarded to servers with good configuration, no warnings, and HTTP Strict Transport Security support with a max-age of at least 6 months. Check results here

Why should you use Safe-mail?

Everyone wants to have some privacy when they mail with their friends, but with Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail mail services you know that they snoop around in your mail. Do you also find it strange that the biggest mail services do not use any form of encryption to encrypt the messages from their clients? Why should they? They would undermine their core business which is collecting data.

But we are not going to lie to you. Safe-Mail is a mail communication system, so we also collect data. We must, otherwise we could not serve you your mail environment. But we give you the choice to store it encrypted or not. That is why we created Safe-Mail. We started with some simple mail receiving system, but with more then 2000+ clients in 2015 we decided in December 2015 that we are going to move to another new system. Not only because of the extra features we can build in right now, but also because our old system got frozen by the license system of the developer of the software. All of a sudden they were vanished from the internet.

Thanks to our PREMIUM members of the old system we bought new software. With the new system we are going to force encryption for our customers as well as signing their own mail. Also all old features are still available in the new system and more to come. Even POP3 and IMAP support will be available for our PREMIUM members.

The features of our new system:

- Totally new interface which can be reached will all known browsers
- We do not collect the IP's through sender and receiver into the headers
- Smart folders and filters
- Spam/malware and virus protection & tuning settings
- Safe-Mail software for Mac OS X/Windows - Secure communication trough SSL
- Calendar, address book and Webdisc
- XMPP secure chat server for Safe-Mail users *BETA
- VOIP and video conference for Safe-Mail users *BETA

We also offer a PREMIUM pack with more features:

- No advertisements
- POP3/IMAP/SMTP support with all kinds of client tools (Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple mail and many more)
- Push notifications for email, contacts and appointments
- Mobile access to your mailaccount
- Secure communication through S/MIME
- Import your own certificates to encrypt en sign your email
- 100MB Mailbox
- 250MB Clouddrive

More features are in the make, like Owncloud integration, tweaks and many more.